Literacy Chicago: Free Literacy Classes

Are you interested in becoming an American Citizen and need some classes to help achieve your dream? Do you want to improve your English as a Second Language (ESL)? Or maybe you just want to brush up on your basic education or prepare for the GED?  Would you like to improve your reading, develop workforce skills? Or maybe you would like to volunteer to help others reach their goals!

Enrollment is open for FREE, fun, and interactive classes are offered by Literacy Chicago in the West Loop! Literacy Chicago is entering into its 50th year in aiding adults improve many different types of skills. Literacy Chicago has helped thousands of of people with their basic literacy, GED preparation, ESL, Workforce Development and Citizenship/Civics classes.

Literacy Chicago’s literacy program reaches out to the 800,000+ adults in Chicago who can’t read beyond a 3rd or 4th grade level. This affects their ability to find good jobs, participate in their communities and even their parenting. In addition to improving literacy skills, adults who can read are more likely to vote, to be happier, to make sure their children are immunized, and to get a better overall education. This program consists of both one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction by highly trained instructors.

The ABE/GED preparation course, (General Education Development) is the road to the equivalent of a high school diploma, called a GED certificate or credential. After completing the GED Preparation course students can take the GED Test offered by GED Testing Service. Students in Literacy Chicago’s classes study writing, science, social studies and math.

Workforce Development is centered around business communication, including enhanced reading, report writing, resume writing, going to job interviews, doing group projects and learning basic financing and budgeting. All of these and other skills will help participants enter the work force or find better jobs.

The ESL classes are friendly and supportive. These small classes emphasize speaking and listening, vocabulary development and cultural understanding. Trained volunteer tutors also work with ESL students.

Recently Literacy Chicago added a Citizenship/ESL course to its offer. In small groups students learn everything about how to pass the naturalization interview. They study American history, practice filling in the documents needed for naturalization (N-400) and answering the interview questions.

Literacy Chicago offers volunteer/tutor training monthly and welcomes adults who would like to contribute to the community by helping others.

 Call for more information on (312) 870-1100

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