Member Monday: Emporium Arcade Bar Chicago

Member Monday: Emporium Arcade Bar

Interview with owner Danny Marks

  1. Why did you choose West Loop/Fulton Market to open up another Empoirum location?

 We have had our eye on the neighborhood for a while. Obviously WLFM is home to some of the best restaurants in the world already. Beyond that the growth in the neighborhood the last few years has just been amazing. There is a unique vibrancy and excitement in the neighborhood. In particular, the boom of the area’s technology sector strikes right at the heart of our “cool-nerd” demographic. Beyond that the buildings are really cool looking and the area has certain authenticity. It is very rare to see development happen so fast and see such a high portion of the new entrants be high quality local businesses (as opposed to all national chains.)

  1. What are you most excited about being the West Loop/Fulton Market area?

Answered above a little bit but we see a huge crossover between people that work in the technology sector with the world of games. Tech companies seem to gravitate towards casual fun environments which is our specialty. We have already hosted a ton of company parties. Beyond that the culinary scene in the neighborhood works really well with our high end cocktail and beer programs. Plus the area’s street art is very in tune with our aesthetic.

  1. What sets Emporium apart from other arcade bars?

We focus heavily on event programming and getting creative people from our community involved. We do not really go for the kitsch/nostalgia thing so much. Lots of other arcade bars play heavily on nostalgia but we think that the games we offer are pretty timeless. Additionally, our music and art programs are all very modern. Beyond that we offer more table games like pool and foosball than other arcade bars do I think. In general though we try to just have a really laid-back fun vibe in really cool spaces. We are always looking for great partnerships to create new interest and keep things fresh.

  1. Any upcoming events or news West Loop neighbors need to know?

We book cool DJs weekly and are always adding awesome new cocktails and beer to our menu. Games are added regularly too. Coming up Feb 9-25 we have the Emporium Olympics, a 2 week long game tournament that takes place across all our locations and runs concurrently with the actual olympics. 

Click here to learn more about the Emporium Olympics 

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