Member Monday: urbanbelly and bellyQ's Annual Ramenfest

Member Monday: : urbanbelly and bellyQ's Ramenfest

Ramenfest is back for its 4th year! A far cry from what was once known as a cheap, college student pantry staple, ramen has taken the states by storm with new, authentic shops popping up all around the country. 

OnSunday, February 18th, Chef Bill Kim of urbanbelly and bellyQ will be inviting chefs from around the city to prepare their culinary interpretations of this classic dish. Over twenty chefs will try their hand at ramen and you'll have the chance to taste them all and vote for your favorite! 

Truly a day filled with: ramen, booze, arts & more!

Barry Sorkin | Smoque BBQ
Giuseppe Tentori | GT Prime
AJ Walker | Publican Anker
Stephanie Izard | Little Goat
Julie Warpinski | Big Star
Dan Snowden | Bad Hunter
Christine Cikowski & Joshua Kulp | Honey Butter Fried Chicken
Pat Sheerin | City Mouse
Nick Lacasse | Half Acre
John Manion | El Che Bar
Jimmy Bannos | Heaven on Seven
Dan Salls | Quiote 
Eric Michael | Regards to Edith
Jimmy Papadopoulos | Bellemore 
Mark Steur | Funkenhausen
Mike Brockman | Woodstone Ovens
Brenton Balika | Margeaux Brasserie 
Jason Hammel | Lula Cafe
Toni Robertson | The Peninsula 
Trevin Van Dyke | Steingold's of Chicago
Rick Ortiz & Diego Cruz | Antique Taco

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