Member Monday: Blue Bird Day School Expressions Gala

Member Monday: Blue Bird Day School Expressions Gala

Everyone knows the West Loop is filled with cool local shops, successful startups, and delicious restaurants.  On the corner of Carroll and Loomis, another entrepreneur is leaving her mark on the neighborhood. Occupational Therapist and Child Development Specialist, Dr. Laura Mraz, founded Eyas Landing in the West Loop in 2007.  Eyas Landing is a pediatric therapeutic clinic with a multi-disciplinary approach to treating children with developmental delays, autism, sensory processing disorders and more. Throughout the years Eyas Landing grew and evolved. The original Randolph Street location was outgrown and the state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot facility on Carroll was quickly built. Dr. Mraz knew the importance of staying within the West Loop community.  A need for an academic based therapeutic program for young children soon became apparent so Dr. Mraz listened and empathized with the community.  Blue Bird Day, a therapeutic preschool and kindergarten, was founded in 2014. The school program is a place for children to learn, socialize and receive therapy in academic setting.  Together, the sister companies and West Loop neighbors work diligently to prepare developmentally challenged children for a bright and successful future.

You may have seen Blue Bird Day at Mary Bartelme Park events or Eyas Landing summer camps playing at Union Park in the past.  However, their largest community event comes each year in April.  April is Autism Awareness month and it is a topic that resonates with Dr. Mraz, the staff and the clients at both organizations. As a way to give back, Dr. Mraz created and hosts the Expressions Gala.  The Expressions Gala is a night of eating, drinking, networking and fundraising where 100% of the proceeds are donated to Autism Speaks.  Live music and art will be provided by those affected by autism at this year’s gala.  Blue Bird Day was honored to receive the “Top Team Donor” award from Autism Speaks Chicago last year and it is their goal to break their record of $37,000 for the cause.

The Gala is open to the public and tickets are on sale now. Blue Bird Day welcomes the community’s support and involvement in the Expressions Gala. Businesses can be represented at the event by donating goods and services or becoming a sponsor. Further information can be found at or email  

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