Member Monday: Merit School of Music

Merit School of Music: The West Loop Gem You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Merit is a community music school based in the West Loop (at the corner of Peoria and Monroe) that serves over 4,000 kids, hailing from 145 zip codes, and 30 partner sites throughout the city.  They offer private lessons and group classes for all band and string instruments, as well as guitar, voice, and piano. Children of all ages and experience levels are welcome!

Merit believes:

1.       You can do anything through music. Hundreds of Merit students have gone on to successful careers in music performance, playing in the           world’s top orchestras or forming bands like The JuJu Exchange and Whitney. But, more importantly, nearly all Merit students go to                     college, with 50% studying music and the other half pursuing everything from engineering to global health.

2.       Play early. Play often. Read more about Merit’s awesome early childhood program, the first step in their continuum of programming.

3.       Every child has the right to an excellent music education. Merit was founded in 1979 when CPS slashed arts funding. Almost 40 years later,        the Merit model – removing barriers to music education – still provides opportunities for children of all backgrounds to receive a STEAM              education.

How can you get involved with Merit?

1.       Register your kids!  Registration is open until September 22. Classes start September 29.

2.       Register yourself! Merit just launched an Adult Ukulele Club for ages 21+ (hint hint…).

3.       Attend a concert. Performances are always free and open to the public.

4.       Follow them on social or join their email list.


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