Member Monday: Tutoring Chicago

Who are we?

Tutoring Chicago (formerly Cabrini Green Tutoring Program) has been supporting children in Cabrini Green and beyond since 1965. Tutoring Chicago is a private non-profit organization that provides free one on one tutoring to economically disadvantaged students in grades 1-6. Our mission is to empower economically disadvantaged students through education.

What we need?

Tutoring Chicago relies on a strong community minded volunteer base at its four locations in Lincoln Park, Logan Square, Hyde Park and the Near West Side. With a growing need for free tutoring services, our need for dedicated, engaged and caring adults continues to grow.


Our vision is a brighter future for all of Chicago’s children. According to CPS statistics from the 2017-2018 school year, there are 371,382 students enrolled in Chicago Public Schools. Over 75% of these students are economically disadvantaged. With only 33,960 employees, Chicago’s low-income students need more caring adults who are helping to ensure their success.

How can you help?

Although we need volunteers at all four of our sites, we are looking to extend our reach at our Near West Side site. We are hoping to serve 180 students over our three nights of tutoring and we would love more people from the West Loop community! Tutoring is once a week (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) from 6:00-7:30 PM. Tutors help their student with homework, reading, math and social skills. Tutors are given ongoing training and our staff is always there to help with questions and any additional resources.


Interested? Well join us as we kickoff another year of tutoring! September 24th-26th will be our first week back and we can’t wait to meet more people like you. Apply today at!



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