Striping Will Affect Randolph Street Businesses & Valet Operations

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) has completed the design work to stripe Randolph from Halsted to Morgan. The striping will also provide for proper corner clearances and 1 handicap space at the beginning of each block.

Orange No Parking signs will be posted 1–2 days in advance of the work with the dates the work will take place. The days work is taking place are weather-dependent, so they are subject to change. Cars that are still parked there when the work is to take place will be relocated (via tow truck) to an adjacent street. CDOT plans to work in sections, so the whole process will take a few days.

Randolph Street businesses and their valet partners should remain extra vigilant until striping is complete to avoid interruptions of service.

Also, the City Clerk’s office plans to begin selling RPP stickers for the zone the third week of January. There RPP on the City Sticker is $25 annually (prorated depending on how long until your sticker expires) and there will be a additional $5 sticker replacement fee for anyone replacing an existing sticker with a new RPP sticker. More info at: https://www.chicityclerk.com/city-stickers-parking/about-parking-permits.

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