JUNE 5, 2020

West Loop Weekend Assembly Updates & ChiBiz Text Alerts

Please be advised that we're expecting large public assemblies within and passing through the West Loop neighborhood today, tomorrow, and possibly Sunday. There is a 3:00PM rally today at the Fraternal Order of Police headquarters (1412 West Washington Boulevard), and there is a 10:00AM protest tomorrow beginning at Union Park moving downtown. While routes have been formally approved for Washington and Randolph Street, it is possible smaller crowds may break off onto side streets. This note is not an expectation of unrest.

In the event your business and/or home are located along routes used for public assembly, in efforts to allow for safe passage, please consider temporarily relocating any items and/or vehicles within or near the public way.

As always, we advise all community members to continue being mindful of your surroundings and to address any unlawful activity by contacting the appropriate authorities. As the Chicago Police Department (CPD) recommends: if an incident is in progress and the on-site presence of a local authority is necessary, please dial 911. If an incident occurs and the suspected offender(s) is/are no longer at the scene, please dial 311.

Public safety precautions remain in place, including expressway, bridge, and CTA closures (which include pre-staged transportation to allow protestors to leave the central business district), in addition to the downtown perimeter beginning at Canal Street. You can monitor public transportation changes at transitchicago.com. If your business is still boarded up, CPD recommends leaving those boards in place. More specific information is forthcoming as we receive it.

According to the Illinois Constitution, Article I, Section 5: “The people have the right to assemble in a peaceable manner, to consult for the common good, to make known their opinions to their representatives and to apply for redress of grievances.” The West Loop Community Organization (WLCO) recognizes the right to peaceful protest enshrined here.

Additionally, the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP), in partnership with the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management & Communications (OEMC), urges businesses to opt-in to receive targeted emergency text alerts for the business community via CHIBIZ Emergency Alerts.

If you are interested, just click below and submit some business-specific details. This information will allow BACP and OEMC to send geo-targeted alerts to businesses in specific areas of the city as needed.


Advocating public safety within the West Loop neighborhood is a standard practice of our day-to-day responsibilities and a key component of our public assembly considerations. If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this note, please don’t hesitate to contact WLCO at 312.666.1991 or info@westloop.org.

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