Halloween Safety Tips from WLCO's Safety Committee

Halloween is right around the corner, and WLCO couldn't be more excited to participate in all the fun festivities and to see our neighbors dressed in creative costumes! We know how much fun it is to go trick-or-treating, and with the following tips from WLCO's Safety Committee, we hope this year's Halloween is a safe and successful one.

1.  Using Glowsticks or flashlights can help to increase visibility when walking and crossing the streets.

2.  Consider asking children to leave their electronic devices at home so that they are less distracted while walking. If you feel they need their phone in case of emergency, be sure to discuss with them the importance of remaining alert.

3.  It is recommended that kids be accompanied by an adult. Even older kids should have at least one adult to ensure their safety when crossing streets and ringing doorbells.

4.  If you are in a large group with several small kids, be strategic in arranging the adults.  Try to avoid all the adults huddling together in one group behind the kids as they run ahead.  Break up into 2-3 groups and assign a few adults as the “line leaders” and the “caboose.”

5. Take your time when crossing the street. Often the excitement of lots of kids can make us adults a little crazy and we move faster than needed.

6. Use your neighborhood network to announce what time you are trick-or-treating. For example, in the West Loop, many parents have announced they are going out from 5:30pm to 7:30pm because it is a school day. 

7.  Make sure you properly use your outdoor lighting to indicate whether you are participating in trick-or-treating. When you are not home, remember to turn off your house lights. Visit homes with outdoor lighting illuminated.

8.  Discuss with your kids what they should do if they get separated from the group. Make sure they know the phone number of an adult just in case they get caught up with another group of trick-or-treaters as they cross paths.

9.  Make sure your child can see out of their mask and costume. If you find that their mask is uncomfortable, check out all the face painting options and the new face tattoo decals.

10.  If your child’s costume is super wide or long with extra material - remind them to be careful when they approach houses that have pumpkins with live candles.

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