AUGUST 13, 2020

Restricted Downtown Access Continues Through Monday Morning, August 17

Please be advised that the restricted overnight access to the downtown area will continue through the weekend. Restricted access will be in place from 9PM to 6AM each night, ending at 6AM on Monday, August 17.

Businesses are not required to close, taxi and ride-hail service can continue, and residents and workers will have access to the downtown area during this time through specific access points. However, businesses throughout the city should take extra precautions and work with their local Chicago Police District to determine area concerns.

To ensure that we protect our neighborhoods, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) will be working with other City agencies to deploy resources throughout the city. Officers will be working 12-hour shifts, and all days off have been canceled. All businesses and residents should call 9-1-1 to report criminal activity and to help CPD deploy personnel.

Businesses throughout the City should be cautiously prepared for criminal activity and property damage:

  • Every business owner should sign up for the CHIBIZ Emergency Alert system by texting “CHIBIZ” to 6-7-2-8-3 or by visiting Through this program, business owners will receive targeted emergency alerts.
  • Consider closing your business early, covering windows to prevent damage, and removing items of value.
  • Consult with your local CPD District for specific recommendations.
  • Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy to ensure that you have the proper coverage and to understand the steps that you would need to take in the event that your property is damaged.
  • Businesses should call 9-1-1 in case of emergency to assist CPD in directing resources quickly and effectively to targeted areas. If you have hired security personnel, please make sure that they are cooperating with CPD and are not taking matters into their own hands.

Businesses that had their property damaged should take the following steps:

  • Notify your insurance company and your broker/agent about the facts of your claim.
  • Collect documentation (e.g. photos, inventory documentation, security footage).
  • Prevent further damage by boarding/covering windows and removing items of value.
  • Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy.

The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) will be conducting an enforcement mission targeting secondhand retailers and cell phone stores to ensure that they are not selling stolen items. As a reminder, all establishments that sell secondhand items must be licensed by BACP as a Secondhand Dealer. Furthermore, each transaction must be recorded, with additional descriptive information required for jewelry, cell phones and other valuable items. These rules help prevent the sale of stolen merchandise and BACP will be holding all secondhand retailers accountable to these regulations.

Detail of the Downtown Restricted Access

The following measures will be in place from 9PM to 6AM:

Lake Shore Drive will be closed between Belmont Avenue (inbound closed and outbound open) Fullerton Avenue (inbound and outbound closed) on the North and I-55 on the South.

All Downtown Bridges will be up by 9PM with the exception of the following:
LaSalle Street
Harrison Street
Ida B. Wells / Congress Bridge (West Bound Open Only)
Lake Shore Drive
Columbus Avenue
Kinzie Street
Grand Avenue

Access Points for residents and employees of area businesses:
Harrison Street
Chicago Avenue & Halsted Street
Roosevelt Road & Canal Street
Kinzie Street & Halsted Street
LaSalle Street

Expressway Closures: 
All entrance and exit expressway ramps leading to I-90/94 between Roosevelt Road and Division Street will be closed in both directions, including the I-55 Chinatown Feeder northbound at Cermak and I-290 eastbound at Halsted.

Rail Service will be impacted at the following locations, with trains not entering the area surrounding downtown: Fullerton Avenue to 47th Street and east of Halsted Street. Bus Service will remain open at this time. Some buses will see re-routes due to bridge and street closures.

Divvy Service will not be available from North Avenue to Ashland Avenue and Cermak Road between 8PM and 6AM.

Access points are designated for residents and workers whose businesses are located within the designated boundaries, individuals who reside in the surrounding area, and residents engaged in essential activities.

Entrance into the perimeter will be manned by Chicago Police Department officers. When arriving at access points, residents and employees should show identification or proof that they live in the area and/or work in the area.

Please stay tuned, as this is an evolving situation. Visit for the latest City updates and for service updates from the CTA. The Mayor’s Office is providing up-to-date information on its social media accounts:

Facebook: @chicagomayorsoffice
Instagram: @chicagosmayor

The West Loop Community Organization (WLCO) is here to assist any businesses impacted by criminal activity. Please call our offices at 312.666.1991 or email us at to reach us.

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