Vote By Mail Or Early This Election

Vote By Mail Or Early This Election

September 22 isn't just the Fall Equinox; today marks the ninth annual National Voter Registration Day! So we're taking a moment to share some important voting resources with the community, as casting your ballot this year may look a little different.

Because of COVID-19, 2020 voter registration numbers have lagged behind previous years, according to the non-partisan National Voter Registration Day Organization (NVRDO). Public safety closures of DMVs and outreach programs have impacted roll counts across the country, and regular in-person voting, while still an option, carries unique health and safety risks this year. Combined with recent changes to the United States Postal Service's (USPS) sorting capacity, and
the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago (BEC) officially recommends voters cast their November 2020 ballots as soon as possible via Vote By Mail or Early Voting.

To Vote By Mail, any eligible Chicago resident can apply online by providing some basic information. Secure dropboxes will also be available at every Early Voting site for any Vote By Mail voter to submit the signed and sealed Ballot Return Envelope.

To Early Vote, starting Thursday, October 1, bring two forms of identification to 191 North Clark Street during operating hours; starting October 14, all 50 Chicago Wards will have Early Voting sites. Check out all 51 location addresses here.

Visit to plan your vote, submit an address change, confirm applications, and a whole lot of other stuff. We hope you choose to exercise your right to vote this election. For questions, you can contact the BEC at 312.269.7900.


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