Response to West Loop Parking Meters Plan

October 22, 2019

Office of the Mayor
Jennie Huang Bennett
Chief Financial Officer
121 N. LaSalle
City Hall, Room 509
Chicago, Illinois 60602
via email:

Dear Ms. Huang Bennett,

On Friday, October 18, 2019, the West Loop Community Organization (WLCO) and the West Central Association (WCA) were notified of Mayor Lightfoot’s proposal to help close more of the gap in the City’s budget by metering the West Loop. The proposed parking meters will be placed within the predominantly commercial district, from Halsted (E) to Ashland (W) and Grand (N) to Roosevelt (S).

The City of Chicago plans to install Commercial Loading Zones within the Central Business District and commercial streets of the West Loop. These Zones will function like the City’s current metered parking system but are specifically designated for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles. Non-Commercial Loading Zones will also be issued to businesses that use appropriate passenger vehicles for delivery and service calls, per the Commercial Vehicle Rule for Commercial Loading Zones (Municipal Code of Chicago § 9-64-165). 

We also understand that this meter/parking plan will be somewhat fluid, given the amount of new construction coming into the area and that the evolution of the Randolph and Fulton Streetscapes have only just begun. The City of Chicago retains the right to relocate and/or add additional meters as they deem appropriate.

While these meters are also being assessed as a tool to turn over commuters, the recent expansion of the downtown zoning district in June 2016 does not describe the entire West Loop. We recognize that our community has long-time families and residents deserving appropriate parking solutions not addressed by these meters. And for more than a decade, WLCO has championed the development of multi-bedroom dwelling units in efforts to strengthen the quadrant of our neighborhood already booming with residents. Therefore, we are asking the new West Loop Metered Parking Plan includes a commitment to establish Residential Permit Parking with restricted parking times between 7am-9am, along the following north-south streets (ordered from west to east):

Laflin – West side, between Adams and Jackson
Laflin – East side, between Jackson and Van Buren
Loomis – West side, between Jackson and Van Buren
Loomis – East side, between Adams and Jackson
Throop – West side, between Adams and Van Buren
Elizabeth – East side, between Washington and Madison
Racine – West side, between Washington and Madison
Racine – East side, between Madison and Monroe
May – West side, between Madison to Washington
Aberdeen – East side, between Madison and Monroe
Morgan – East side, between Randolph and Madison
Sangamon – West side, between Washington and Madison
Sangamon – East side, between Randolph and Washington
Peoria – East side, between Randolph and Madison 

And the following east-west streets (ordered from north to south):

Monroe – North side, between Racine and Ashland
Monroe – South side, between Morgan and Throop
Tilden –North side, between Aberdeen and Morgan

In June 2017, in partnership with WCA, a community meeting was held with former 25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis, 27th Ward Alderman Burnett Jr., 28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin, and Department of Transportation (CDOT) representatives. The meeting addressed Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council (CMAP) findings, which recommended a parking plan to help alleviate transportation constraints within the district’s core. The proposed plan included parking meters along commercial corridors and parking permits on residential streets. Parking would be restricted along residential streets between 7am-9am daily, except for vehicles with residential parking permits displayed on their registered vehicle. Our recommendations in this letter are concurrent with these previous findings.

Thank you for your review and consideration of this matter.


Carla Agostinelli
Executive Director
West Loop Community Organization

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