AUGUST 10, 2020

E-Scooters Return This Wednesday

The City has announced that three companies have been granted permission to operate shared e-scooters in a pilot launching August 12. Bird, Lime and Spin are allowed to operate devices citywide, except for downtown, the Lakefront Trail and the Bloomingdale Trail (The 606). This year’s pilot, run by the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), has new, stricter rules, including a requirement that scooters be locked to a fixed object at the end of every trip. At the end of the four-month pilot, the City will evaluate whether shared e-scooters should be part of Chicago’s future.

You can find more information and resources about the scooter pilot at:

Important Links:
Frequently Asked Questions
Educational flyers (Dos and Don’ts)
Videos on how to operate a scooter safely
Online feedback form (the City wants to hear from you)
Information on how scooter operators were selected

How do I report a problem with a scooter such as blocking the sidewalk or a building entrance? Every scooter has a unique ID number and contact information in text, braille and raised lettering. Contact the scooter vendor directly first through their app or using a phone number on the device to report a problem. Their contact information is: 

Bird: 866-205-2442 |
Lime: 888-LIME-345 |
Spin: 888-262-5189 |

If your report an issue to a company and a vendor does not resolve it within two hours, contact 311 to request that Streets and Sanitation retrieve the scooter.

Bike & Scooter Parking:
Additionally, CDOT wants to ensure that you know how to request new bike parking at no cost. Any Chicago resident can request new bike parking by using this website. The City of Chicago has a robust bike parking program with nearly 18,000 racks across the City.

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