Moon Rabbit Acupuncture

Moon Rabbit Acupuncture

Moon Rabbit Acupuncture is an eastern holistic health boutique on Madison Street in the West Loop. We offer acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, custom herbal formulation, and an Infrared Sauna.  Moon Rabbit also carries a currated selection of clean wellness products. 

Moon Rabbit's approach to healing is rooted in a "whole body" approach to health and wellness. Rather than limiting treatment to one small ache or pain, we focus on the body as an interconnected whole and develop treatments that benefit the entirety of you.

Our work focuses on creating custom treatment plans that restore your balance, improve your well-being, and allow you to live a healthy, happy, centered life. We pursue an integrated approach to care and are happy to collaborate with other healthcare providers to develop integrated approaches that address the entirety of your needs.

Our skilled and friendly practitioners are passionate about furnishing the best care possible. It is our mission to make the complexities of eastern medicine clear and to empower you to take greater ownership of your physical and mental health.

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