On Your Mark: Coaching & Training

On Your Mark Coaching + Training is dedicated to helping clients perform at their best

On Your Mark Coaching + Training is dedicated to helping clients perform at their best. Whether that client is a quarterback or a stay-at-home mom, what we teach here at the studio is designed to translate into the real world.

At On Your Mark, our highly-educated staff are focused on functional movement. Our small group classes and personal training are designed around what our muscles are intended to do, and how the different parts of your body work together to achieve optimum performance, whether it’s to run 26.2, chase a 2-year-old or simply fit into your favorite jeans.

Equipped with the best education, tools, and technique, our passionate and well-educated trainers excel at inspiring you to work hard to help you meet your goals—it really is all about you. OYM makes your workouts intense and enjoyable at the same time, obviously why wouldn’t we want to be having fun?

Our clients range from every day people to professional athletes, and while everyone’s fitness goals are different, everyone wants to move freely throughout their day. At OYM, we combine the latest fitness and nutrition science with good, old fashioned sweat to help you achieve functional, life-altering results. And plenty of fist pumps and high-fives along the way.

OYM is dedicated to creating an environment for clientele of all levels to better their lives and increase their capabilities.

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