Kavi Gupta

Kavi Gupta is a world-renowned gallery that represents some of the best artists in the world, with a focus on exhibiting international mid-career artists in all media. Our gallery is committed to the long-term support of artists' careers and the facilitation of larger and more difficult work. 

We represent Young-Il Ahn, Firelei Báez, McArthur Binion, Roger Brown, Patrick Chamberlain, Inka Essenhigh, Beverly Fishman, Jeffrey Gibson, Irena Haiduk, Richard Hunt, Michael Joo, Glenn Kaino, José Lerma, Manuel Mathieu, Manish Nai, Angel Otero, Roxy Paine, Scott Reeder, Clare E. Rojas, Claire Sherman, Devan Shimoyama, Jessica Stockholder, Tony Tasset, Mickalene Thomas, and Gerald Williams.  

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