Bandwagon Champs
Bandwagon Champs

Bandwagon Champs

Designed in Chicago. For Chicago.

Bandwagon Champs, a new Chicago clothing brand, was launched by 2 buddies who live in the West Loop.  We launched the business for 2 reasons: 1.) we love Chicago and 2.) we wanted to find a way to give back to the Windy City.  All of our shirts are Chicago inspired – the flag, neighborhoods, sports, etc.  For every purchase we donate $1 to Urban Initiatives, a West Loop based social service charitable organization. 

    • Bob Ross Paint the W Chicago shirt
    • This is the most popular shirt in Wrigleyville.
    • Club Dub Chicago shirt
    • Bandwagon Champs is proud to say we created the original Chicago Club Dub shirt.
    • West Loop shirt
    • The West Loop is the best Loop.

Bandwagon Champs is proud to say that we created the original Chicago Club Dub shirt.  Our one of a kind Chicago shirt was featured on NBC Sports by Lance Briggs and Alex Brown when they wore it during Da Bears postgame show after they won the NFC North Division.  We are a Chitown clothing company that sets the standard for new Chicago tshirt trends.

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