WLCO's board members and officers are a diverse group made up of residents, business owners and other community organizations. WLCO
board members work year-round volunteering their time and energy on meaningful issues involving the West Loop community.

West Loop Officers

  • Katalin Rodriguez-Orgen, President
    POW! Gym, Founder


    Being a member of WLCO is another form of exercise for me, because I am helping to build a stronger community. My efforts are directed towards strength in the form viability for small businesses and happiness for residents.

  • Scott R. Maesel, Vice President
    SVN Chicago Commercial, Managing Director

    My family, my home, my company, my investments. 
    I am involved with WLCO to enhance and protect them all.  I am the West Loop and doing my part to make it better.

  • Dr. David Gonsky, Secretary  
    West Loop Veterinary Care Center

    WLCO played a big role in assisting me open my practice back in 2009. I support the community as it has and continues to support me. I enjoy the West Loop and am proud to be a part of WLCO.

  • Joseph Endress
    Vice President, Workplace Solutions

    McDonald's Corporation

    By becoming part of the West Loop Community Organization, I feel I can do my part to maintain the wonderful character of the area for years to come.

Board of Directors

  • Frederick Dunson 
    Resident; Frankie Knuckles Foundation

    Serving on the WLCO board provides me the opportunity to have my voice heard and represent the various communities that I am a part of!

  • Donnie Gianfrancisco
    Resident; One Off Hospitality Group

    It’s my duty as a West Loop business owner, community board member and neighbor to be an outstanding spokesperson. My responsibility is to help promote and support the West Loop to make this neighborhood a safe and inviting place.

  • Juan Carlos Avila
    Co-Founder, Faro Advisory  

    Serving as a WLCO Board Member has been an amazing experience, watching and participating in the growth of the West Loop.

  • Damone Richardson
    Resident; Development Committee
    I joined the WLCO board because I want to positively influence sustainable growth and development within the community while representing the values of West Loop residents. 

    Marla Sedler

    Paco Lebron
    Founder & Owner, ProdigyTeks
    Being a WLCO board member helps my mission of providing technology solutions and assisting communities that may not have established resources for their technology needs.
  • Heather Bragg
    Resident; Realtor

Staff Members

  • Carla M. Agostinelli, Executive Director

  • Sevy Perez, Associate Director

  • Jaidene Samiec, Interactive Community
    Relations Intern

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Marcus Chism-Betts
University of Illinois at Chicago

Advisory Committee
Aviva Bowen
Past President

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