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Non-Profit Organization Members enjoy a variety of perks, chief among them an automatic seat at our quarterly non-profit committee meetings.

The West Loop Community Organization (WLCO) is a delegate agency for the City of Chicago. We are a membership-based 501(c)(3) organization that facilitates the growth and integration of businesses and residents within the West Loop community.

Your tax-deductible Non-Profit Organization Membership benefits give your organization the resources and opportunities needed to be a part of positive neighborhood change, including:

  • Subscription to the WLCO weekly newsletter, so you can easily stay apprised of current community news
  • Two listings of your choice per month in the WLCO weekly newsletter
  • Free admittance to all WLCO events, including our annual Holiday Gala
  • A customized listing and bonus SEO boost from WLCO’s popular business directory, used by both visitors and residents alike
  • Access to WLCO’s street pole banner program, which celebrates the community’s best and brightest through highly visible streetside advertising (that’s you)
  • The opportunity to join one of WLCO’s delegate committees, which help shape and serve the West Loop area through a variety of focuses, including development, safety, education, arts and culture, and health and wellness teams

Additionally, all Non-Profit Organization Members are granted seats at WLCO’s quarterly non-profit committee meetings, a must-have opportunity for any area nonprofit looking to be involved with its local neighborhood.

The West Loop Community Organization also serves as your liaison to the City of Chicago. We provide direct lines of communication to local aldermen and the 12th District Police precinct, to name our most common requests. We are also a networking hub and strive to connect compatible members to each other.

A WLCO Nonprofit Membership shows your support for the West Loop. Nonprofit Membership is tax-deductible. Your investment facilitates positive change in the area, and your membership connects directly to our highly valued community. We can’t wait to work with you.

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