For more information on any of the committees, please contact us at or by calling 312.666.1991.

Development Committee
Development Committee is tasked, by the Aldermen, with reviewing proposed developments and requested zoning changes within the boundaries of the West Loop. Once the proposal has been reviewed and amendments have been made to the project (if needed) then it is our responsibility to host a community wide public meeting. Feedback is gathered, assessed and included in our final recommendation to the Aldermen for their consideration before the project is presented to Zoning Committee for the City of Chicago.

Welcoming Committee 
Welcoming Committee meets with new Business and Residential members to discuss benefits of membership and welcome them to organization. 

Safety Committee
Our Safety Committee reviews criminal activity reported by the 12th District Chicago Police Department. We have a strong relationship with their Commander, Chief, Sergeants and patrolmen and -women. Aside from reviewing crime bulletins and feedback provided during CAPS meetings, the Safety Committee also gathers feedback from West Loop residents and businesses about a wide range of other safety concerns such as personal/family self-defense, pedestrian/cyclist safety, vandalism, festival safety, online safety, fire safety, and public assembly.

 WLCO’s Safety Committee is responsible for the continuation and creation of workshops/programs for the community such as:

  • Safety Workshops
  • Parent/Volunteer Patrol
  • Crime Prevention for the Aging
  • Online Safety/Cyber Bullying
  • Fire Safety
  • Officer Friendly
  • Neighborhood Evacuation Plan

Education Committee
Education Committee works to develop and strengthen existing relationships with local schools and business that provide youth-focused programming. The committee will create and develop workshops for parents and students on topics to be established by a community needs assessment, including continuing conversations about a high school in the area.

Arts and Culture Committee
Arts and Culture Committee works to bring and enhance arts and culture programs, including language arts, within the community.

Not-Profit Committee
Not-Profit Committee works with NFP's located within the West Loop. The committee shares resources with one another and creates events to highlight each NFP. 

Health and Wellness Committee
More info to come!

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