Business Memberships

  1. Partner Business Membership

    Partners get everything we offer bundled into one simple membership, including automatic sponsorships of WLCO events.


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  2. Preferred Business Membership

    Preferred Business Members enjoy all standard benefits and then some, including discounted VIP tickets to our many crowd-pleasing events, like the Taste of Randolph, Movies in the Park, and more.


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  3. Premium Business Membership

    For our most discerning supporters, a Premium Business Membership grants you access to our most prized benefit: exclusive vendor pricing at all West Loop festivals and events.

    Starting at: $375/quarter

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  4. Standard Business Membership

    Standard Business Membership comes with a wide range of benefits, including newsletter listings, SEO boosting, and the opportunity to join one of our delegate committees.


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Available Membership Programs

  1. Condo/Renter Association Membership

    A Condo/Renter Association Membership ensures you and your residents stay connected to the community. Condo/Renter Association residents receive an honorary membership, as well.


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  2. Non-Profit Organization Membership

    Non-Profit Organization Members enjoy a variety of perks, chief among them an automatic seat at our quarterly non-profit committee meetings.


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  3. Residential Membership

    As a Residential Member, you have the opportunity to play an active role in your neighborhood, as well as have access to member benefits.


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